A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


  • WASD/Arrow keys - Rotate to direction/move in direction/push object
  • X, Y, Z - move to the corresponding plane OR if you're already there, switch to the opposite camera view
  • left CTRL - split the object back into its X, Y,  & Z copies


The memento in the top right view has been broken across three planes of existence. You must reassemble the pieces by pushing them back into the same 3D space. Each plane limits movement to two directions corresponding to the plane (e.g., you can only move in the X and Y directions on the Z plane). Merging an X and Z plane object will create an object that lives on both X and Z planes. Merge that with a Y object to return the piece to its rightful position.

Art from the MagicaVoxel distribution assets.


axes-and-access-windows-prototype.zip 14 MB
Version 3 May 07, 2018
axes-and-access-mac-prototype.zip 16 MB
Version 1 May 07, 2018